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About Falling and Rising - Dive into Tom Jackson's new release about self healing, 'Lost Myself'

Speaking from his heart, about a subject close to heart to a big cut of the population right now, about mental health issues echoing in his head back and forth and how he sees the light on his tunnel - Time.

The way this song was executed gave us a glimpse into Tom's emotions and a guiding torch out of our own tunnel.

This subject is one of the most important issues I believe music is a bliss in addressing it - Naked and stripped of neon lights and big guitars.

Jackson's tells us this song was like a meteor for his musical creation - He wrote, played, recorded and produced it all in one night. Like it came him so clearly he could vividly see the final product - so he had to start this project and give us this delight.

The music is calming, the lyrics is heartwarming and the guitars in all their forms together with the backing vocals are sure making this special.

Tom Jackson

A little bit about Tom Jackson

Cocktail of a little bit of EDEN Project and a little bit of Shawn Mendes has crafted this talented Australian musician.

With 4 singles and an EP, Tom is making it's way into our personal playlists and I can not wait for more.

Check out 'Lost Myself' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Tom Jackson :

● Tom Jackson








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