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A foster son for Bring Me The Horizon - Check out 'Fake Friends' by NVision

Inhanced with amazing background, drums and guitars to give you that stadium feeling and just wait until you'll get to the second verse and see how versatile this band can get.

Owning the name for themselves, we get to hear Pop-Rock-Core targeted for the heart of every 2006 teen.

The first verse gives an amazing vibe of one of my favorite songs ever ('Doomed' by BMTH) and leaves you picking up the words of the lyrics like broken galss on pavement. The choruses is epic and silent in the same breath - and wow that's just a work of art, to control your music to burst in speakers and on the same barrel to shoot calmness.

Highest point of the song is no doubt 1:21, YES. Get in touch with your emo self back when hitting this second, reverberate like a storm after the calm and not the opposite.

Feel the pain, the turning of tables and the amazing music of NVision.

NVision by Greg Hartley

A little bit about NVision

Biloxi, Gulf Coast based New-Age-Rock band, is currently on the continuum of their releases, Many singles and an EP album.

Colliding 5 bandmates Alex on vocals, Nate on drums, Kevin on guitar, Chase on guitar and vocals and Phil on bass.

Check out 'Fake Friends' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from NVision :

● The Bare Minimum







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