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A Backbone In Society - Jump into The Hillties's new release 'Tell Your Friends'

Packed with feelings and thoughts we all had and/or have - How can we feel okay and comfortable against the need to fulfill others needs and emotions ?

Calm, Yet Loud - The more the song reveals the more you'll like it.

FIrst of all, a kudos to the producer for making this song sound so vivid - An amazing job on it's own.

The Hillties gave us a work of art from their creation - Lyrics wise, the guitars, the singer and the whole pack of instruments and wideness of music taste you can encounter during one song only.

The Hillties - by Sarah Beauchamp

My favorite part starts on 2:22 and from there on to the rest of the song until it hit's 2:22 again. It's a great tribute-like to 'Sidewinder' and 'MIA' by A7X and wow the little solos just takes me back - amazing job you guys.

Check out 'Tell Your Friends' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from The Hillties :

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