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"There were few times in the history of this site that we were speechless to describe the how good a single is, Mike left us speechless"

- Tati Teixeira , Indie O'Clock

"Mike Robert has created another the song which attracts with its kindness and originality. His talent is shown in his masterful ability to compose stylistic orientations and keep real feelings in the songs"

- Indie Dock Music Blog

Mike Robert is a Pop-Rock singer and songwriter.

After his service as a combat officer, 1997 born musician traveled the 'pre Covi-d 19' world in search of himself and his music.

Learning to produce music and being able to play all instruments for his songs came into action with singles and collabs under big labels (Such as NCS, KMG, Blanco y Negro) and under self publishing services in order to pursue his dream - Spreading his music to whoever needs it.


Working side to side with worldwide talented musicians such as Roy Knox, Tom East and Alban Chela in 2020 and 2021 are stepping stone towards Mike's new path in his music career.

After getting good from the world he decided to open this site in order to help other musician grow and get a better status around the world.